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A Collaborative Performance

CSU Ferguson is a collaborative performance that echoes the oppression of all marginalized people, further exploring how various forms of oppression are interrelated. This performance is comprised of music, spoken word pieces, poems, and skits with featured published works from the Ferguson Syllabus and the New Black Arts Festival.

Students and alumni, from California State University, East Bay and San Jose State University, share dramatic/comedic testimonies of survival, perseverance, and resilience highlighting areas of race, cultural, and sexual identity, interpersonal relationships, mental health, sexual assault and abuse, women empowerment, and self-love.

The Event
The Movement


"We must wake up knowing we have work to do and go to bed knowing we've done it."

​—audre lorde

Using CSU Ferguson as the first installation, this project hopes to address social justice issues through the eyes of all of our California State University students. The core group from California State University, East Bay aims to create a movement that will eventually travel to all 23 campuses, incorporating and inspiring co-productions of original performance pieces through original spoken word, dramatic treatments, art, photography, song, and dance. 

The CSU Ferguson Movement encourages students across universities to challenge various structures of inequality, forge connections and engage in difficult conversations within and beyond their communities, and inspire lasting and equitable change as movers and shakers, witnesses, empaths, and healers in a hostile world.

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